Engineering Services

  • Independent advice on plant performance and selection of right equipment. 
  • Design calculations and drawings on all types of  cranes and structures.
  • Design registration of plant equipment with Worksafe and Department of Mining and Petroleum.
  • Design verification of plant and equipment Structures.
  • Classified Plants inspection and assessment
  • Structural assessments and calculations.
  • Modernisation and Upgrades
  • Equipment Refurbishment

ADE has a broad area of expertise in engineering design and offers a complete range of services to our clients that includes: Consultation and design; verification and auditing of designs and products; and reviewing for improvements and upgrades.


We provide range of engineering services that includes:


Mechanical Engineering:


  • Design & Drafting (using 2D & 3D CAD packages)

  • Bulk materials handling systems

  • Pumping and piping system design

  • Reliability engineering including problem identification and root cause analysis

  • Lifting devices / equipment design

  • Site technical support and commissioning


Civil & Structural Engineering:


  • Structural steelwork design and detailing

  • Design verification and certification

  • Design of EOT Crane and Jib Crane (Wall mounted and Pillar mounted)

  • Design of bolt cages

  • Concrete structures, foundations and footing design

  • Site inspection and certification for various structural elements.

  • Design and certification of various lifting equipment.

  • Design of walkways, access platforms and customized mezzanine according to Australian standards.

  • Structural audits and site technical support.


Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering:


  • Switch board Design (mains & submains)

  • Power demand calculations and cable sizing calculation using state of the art software technology for accurate results

  • Site technical support, commissioning and training



Also we are able to offer range of other engineering expertise specific to your needs.