ADE Australia

Our dedicated professionals committed to do it correctly, safely, effectively and consistently. This enables both us and our clients to stay at the forefront of the competition and successfully achieve our project goals. 

Our engineers hold MIEAust, Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), qualifications are registered on the National Engineers Register (NER) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

Our Chartered Professional Engineers with extensive experience in the certification of plant to Australian standards and statutory requirements.


Our Engineering team can deliver new designs that are fully certified, or we can review existing plant to certify it or provide independent verification of its compliance with statutory requirements.



Our Engineering team has the experience and know-how to deliver the following services:

Advanced stress analysis using FEA techniques for complex components capabilities includes:

  • Predict and improve product performance and reliability

  • Reduce time-consuming and costly physical prototyping and testing

  • Evaluate different designs and materials

  • Optimize your designs and reduce material usage

Certified Design

ADE Australia provides professional engineering services that includes a certification component as requested and/or required by individual projects and clients. Our design engineers hold the necessary qualifications and registrations for civil, structural and mechanical disciplines, through accredited organisations in:

  • Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng)

  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)

  • National Engineers Register (NER)

These registrations and qualifications ensure that competent engineers are involved in all design and design review projects.

Standards Compliance

ADE Australia conducts due diligence reviews of designs, equipment and machinery against the relevant Australian Standards, including:

  • Access ways and ladders

  • Work platforms

  • Periodic third-party inspections

  • Fit for service assessment

  • Quality Check to Australian standards and statutory requirements

  • Factory acceptance Test

  • Machine safety

  • Pressure vessels

  • Tanks

  • Static analysis

  • Dynamic analysis

  • Buckling analysis

  • New Product Design

  • Product Development

  • Welding crack analysis

  • Pipe stress analysis

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic design analysis

  • Corrosion, fatigue analysis

  • Silos and bins

  • Piping and pumping systems

  • Pipe flexibility and stress analysis including Pipe Supports and footing.

  • Crane structures / monorails / Portal cranes / special lifting or handling equipment

  • Lifting devices

  • Footings, retaining walls, slabs

  • Steel design and Concrete design

  • Conveyors and materials handling structures

  • Transport frames & skids

  • Powered industrial vehicles

  • Structures

  • General plant

Design Compliance Audits

ADE Australia provides third party sign-off on projects requiring a design change and/or novel design outcomes, including:

  • Re-certification following modification or relocation

  • Re-certification of approved engineering repairs

  • Change to exisitng asset load or duty cycle applications

  • Industrial structures and equipment

  • Bulk materials handling equipment

  • Bridges and ports

  • Mining products

  • Process plants


Workplace Health & Safety Registration

ADE Australia provides Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) reviews and subsequent documentation support for ‘plant registration’ including:

  • Elevating work platforms

  • Bridge cranes

  • Gantry cranes

  • Personnel hoists

  • Mobile cranes

  • Vehicle hoists

  • Work-boxes and/or man boxes (above and below ground)


Lifting Equipment

ADE Australia certifies lifting equipment and procedures, including:

  • Lifting lugs 

  • Pad eyes

  • Shackles and pins

  • Lifting beams

  • Custom lifting equipment 

  • Scissor lifts

  • Hooks

  • Pallet hooks

  • Lifting yolks

  • Grabs

  • Approved lift testing (prior to use)

  • Transport lift plans

  • Maintenance schedules

  • Inspection protocols and frequency



ADE's engineering services for aged assets often results in the need for strengthening and/or retrofit  

Aged assets represent valuable infrastructure that are often expensive to replace. Additionally, the  requirement to increase operational duty is another driver for ADE engineers to strengthen and retrofit aged assets. Improved efficiency and savings on capital expenditure budgets are also key drivers to use ADE's services. 

ADE's engineering services for aged asset strengthening and retrofit include:

  • 3D modelling of the asset (this is often developed for assets with no fabrication drawings, from 2D drawings or we can come to you for on-site measurements)

  • Analysis and preliminary calculations of the aged asset with pragmatic load reviews and decision making

  • Finite Element Analysis of the asset (steel or concrete) under current loads, proposed new loads and for Standards review 

  • development of aged asset strengthening and retrofit plans

  • Costing of various strengthening options (as required by the client)

  • Presentation of options and key benefits to the client

  • Provision of certified technical drawings 'For Construction'


ADE Australia take care to retrofit aged assets where the options present a cost effective and timely solution. The benefits that Rockfield can provide include:

  • improved efficiency from the asset

  • earthquake resistance

  • identification of common replacement parts and stock to allow guaranteed availability

  • savings on CAPEX and inclusion of new technologies

  • spare parts consistency

Also we are able to proviode range of other engineering services specific to your needs.