Welcome to ADE Australia

ADE Australia expertise in Civil, Structural, Electrical and Mechanical design, lifting equipment design, process equipment design, materials handling design, machine design and design certification services for a large range of clients in a variety of sectors including mining, energy and industrial.

Our approach is simple and passion for engineering helps us deliver cost effective solutions without compromise on quality. We work closely with you at every step and on all levels to define and specify your needs. We create the key design criteria needed to achieve your requirements. We can produce new designs or save you money by improving or upgrading existing designs. During the design process we review: ease of manufacturing, local availability of components, ease of service, as well as safety of use. Our approach to design ensures that we create the 'right' product for your project, with all finished designs accompanied by the appropriate technical, support and service documentation.

Our dedicated professionals committed to do it correctly, safely, effectively and consistently. This enables both us and our clients to stay at the forefront of the competition and successfully achieve our project goals. 

Our engineers hold MIEAust, Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), qualifications and are registered on the National Engineers Register (NER) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

You can be assured that our Professional Engineers is of the highest quality. This means the standard of professionalism among our engineers are high to ensure competent practice, ethical conduct, maximum economic benefit and most importantly the safety of the community.